Food 4 Thought

What is ‘Food4Thought’? It’s a meeting together of young people who are interested in exploring their Christian Faith & journey together. The age group starts at 12 & goes through to 18.

We explore all sorts off issues from relationships, friendships, fairness, jealousy, cheating, peer pressure to drugs, discussing the topics, looking at how we can deal with these matters as Christians & what the Bible tells us.

We also have trips out, bowling, BBQ, & an activity weekend at Horstead Centre, meeting fellow Christians, sharing fun & fellowship.

It is an informal & relaxing atmosphere. We meet in the church room on the last Sunday of the month between 5pm – 6.30pm when we then go into Church for our monthly M:Power service. Refreshments & a light supper is provided.

If anyone is interested in joining us please call either Jeanette (07920487116) or Dawn (01692 580634).